Tumblr Poem #5: Yours Alone

If there is a room inside of me
with your name written on it
the language it is written in is…

… not in words but in the way your hands create shivers down my spine.

It is dark —
where every single touch cannot be recognized.
where every single act cannot be judged.

It has one window —
where light passes through the blinds.
where light does not touch our skins.

It has nothing but a bed with black lace tapestries and red bed sheets —
where nothing is right.
where nothing is wrong.

Overall, there is nothing there…
but an empty promise.
and a broken heart.


Yours Alone, written on 06/21/2012

IMG SRC: http://cigrette.tumblr.com/post/23486538911/from-the-feather-room-by-anis-mojgani

QUOTE SRC: The Feather Room by Anis Mojgani

LJ Poem #1: Couch

In this small space,
I occupy a part of your world.

A part of your world,
I find such comfortable silence.

Comfortable silence,
I stay here beside you.

Beside you,
I find nothing but pure bliss.

Pure bliss,
I wish to stay here and linger.

I feel your arm bring me closer.

I turn around upon your command.

Your command,
I wish for it as I close my eyes.

As I close my eyes,
I enter a world entirely mine.

A world entirely mine,
I find it in this small space.



Couch, written on 02/03/2013

Tumblr Poem #4: If You Ask Me To

I will take your hands,
Tangling up the red strands.

After everything we’ve been through,
All I want is to be with you.

I will move closer;
I’ve never been bolder.

I want you to know
That I don’t want to go.

I will look into your eyes.
Please realize where my heart lies.

I will let your arms envelop me.
How hard is it to see?

There would be no hesitation
In such a suggestion.

Just ask me to stay.
I will never go away.


If You Ask Me To, written on 06/28/2012

IMG SRC: http://alwayswithoutfear.tumblr.com/post/16406112444

Tumblr Poem #3: [Untitled]

You take my hand and
create a scenario
inside my head.

You hold my body and
create a desire within
my soul.

You kiss my lips and
create a memory
forever on replay.

You feed my lust and
create a monster in
the process.



[Untitled], written on July 26, 2011, posted on my first Tumblr writing-blog.


TINY SPARKNOTE: This was the poem first thing posted there. :))

Tumblr Poem #2: Fill, Feed, Feel

Fill me with your pain. Feed me with your tears. Feel my love.

Fill me with your lust. Feed me with your breath. Feel my desire.

Fill me with your anger. Feed me with your hips . Feel my ecstasy.

Fill me with your power. Feed me with your touch. Feel my happiness.

Fill me with your release. Feed me with your kiss. Feel my helplessness.

Fill me with your emptiness. Feed me with your eyes. Feel my nothingness.

Fill me. Feed me. Feel nothing.



Fill, Feed, Feel, written on August 11, 2011, posted on my first Tumblr writing-blog


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